Our Produce

Goodtrees Farm Butchers produce high welfare, exceptionally good quality meat. We are committed to keeping your food miles as low as possible by only working with local abattoirs and butchering on-site.

Our products are Beef, Lamb, Pork and Goat. We don’t keep chickens except for eggs and we will produce a small number of Turkeys for Christmas. 

Where to find our produce

We sell our products from pop-up shops, farmers markets or direct to customers from the farm gate.

From-farm sales are via bespoke meat boxes which you can design yourself depending on availability. We are happy to mix and match meats and cuts to make your perfect box.

All of our meat products are traditionally butchered and vacuum-packed ready for you to eat or freeze. Vacuum-packed meat keeps well and tastes as good as the day it was frozen.

We are a small farm and don’t always have everything available. If an animal is not “ready” we would prefer to leave it to mature so its as good as can be when it lands on your plate. If you would like to order directly from us it’s best to contact us giving as much notice as possible so that we can provide the best quality meat to your requirements.


We produce our own fantastic selection of sausages such as Pure Pork; Pork, Apple & Blackberry; Beef Ale and Mustard and Lamb Merguez to name just a few. 

The full list currently stands at 23 different flavours. They are all Gluten Free and contain NO artificial additives. 100% hand made from real ingredients, not a sausage mix in sight. You would be surprised at how few Butchers do this.

Burgers are a mix of hand & machine pressed plus we prepare a range of Skewers & Kofta Kebabs. Customers rave over the Goat Burgers which usually sell out straight away. Apparently even children like them! Our favourites are the Pork Thai Burgers, absolutely delicious.

Support local farmers, reduce food miles

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