Welcome to Goodtrees Farm

Home of native breed beef cattle, sheep and pigs – sustainably reared and traditionally butchered right here on our farm in the High Weald.

Here at Goodtrees Farm, we rear our animals slowly and naturally, in a way that doesn’t damage the environment. Our pasture-fed herds spend much of the year grazing outdoors, enjoying grasses, wild flower meadows, encroaching shrubs and even the odd tree. 

They grow to maturity in their own time, free to roam, eat and live as nature intended. And we strongly believe the meat tastes better for it.

Butchery Services

This year we invested in a purpose built butchery unit housed here on the farm. This allows us to not only prepare…


We are currently selling from Blackheath farmers market

Our Produce

We sell our products from the pop-up shops, farmers markets or direct to customers from the farm…

Our Animals

Learn more about the animals we rear on our farm: native breed, grass-fed beef cattle; lamb, pork and goat…

About us

Learn more about us, our history, how we farm, our views on animal welfare and countryside stewardship…